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3-05-2013, 15:25

Ultimate Sound Bank Plugins Collection (WiN/MAC)

Ultimate Sound Bank Plugins Collection (WiN/MAC)
Ultimate Sound Bank Plugins Collection | WiN/MAC | Total Size: 18.3 GB

Collection of plugins by Ultimate Sound Bank. Ultimate Sound Bank is an award-winning producer of sounds and software for audio production. Ultimate Sound Bank strives to develop innovative, engaging and inspiring products that support and advance the craft of today's musicians, audio professionals and enthusiasts. Check the list to find which one you missed.


Ultimate Sound Bank X-Treme FX VSTi (WiN/MAC)
Ultimate Sound Bank Ultra Focus VSTi (WiN/MAC)
Ultimate Sound Bank Charlie The Retro Organ Module 1.1 VSTi (WiN/MAC)
Ultimate Sound Bank Plugsound Box VSTi v1.92 (WiN):

- Plugsound volume 2 Fretted Instruments
- Plugsound volume 3 Drum & Percs Elements
- Plugsound volume 4 Hip Hop Toolkit
- Plugsound volume 5 Synth Collection
- Plugsound volume 6 Global Collection


Ultimate Sound Bank X-Treme FX VSTi

X-Treme FX is a sound library dedicated to sound effects, foleys and atmospheric sounds. For sound designers it means having a brand new soundbank and the ability to work faster than ever with a great set sound shaping tools (layers, filters, envelopes, LFOs...) thanks to the UVI Engine XT. This means it will be easier and faster to build complex sounds. And it’s perfect to trigger the included sound effects easily!

Ultimate Sound Bank Ultra Focus VSTi

Imagine one instrument where you can find all the synth sounds you love. One instrument with a huge diversity of sound, with simple access to the presets, and great sound shaping tools: Ultra Focus is that instrument. Sounds from all the biggest synthesizers. In the past, a song you made could have included synths sounds from a variety of sources: modules, keyboards, even a good sampler.

The Ultra Focus sound design team used every Landmark synth made in the last 30 years to create the most versatile sound palette ever put together in a single instrument. These brand new sounds will remind musicians of old standards, yet offer better programming and a vastly improved sound quality. Forget about learning to use five synths to produce the sounds you need, free yourself of all the extra gear to make them sound good: with Ultra Focus you’ve arrived!

Please note:
Does not work with FAT32.

Ultimate Sound Bank Charlie The Retro Organ Module 1.1 VSTi

Most musicians have been looking for a simple way to have great organ sounds at their disposal, without having to carry around a 200 lb monster. Most sound modules eventually failed, and even modelling instruments running on computers are not giving musicians the sound they love. It seems that the electric organ is quite difficult to emulate Enter Charlie. Created using a sample-playback instrument because all other technologies fail to create the spectacular sound musicians need.Created with the unique goal to provide the sound!. The rotating speaker, the tonewheels, and the grit of an organ sound played through a guitar amp All those classic elements contribute to the final sound, and they are all faithfully reproduced by Charlie.

Not working in Mac intel. Update included (PC only).

Ultimate Sound Bank Plugsound Box VSTi v1.92

It features timeless instrument that will serve you for years to come. Start writing better music immediately with Plugsound, and forget the hassle of samplers and sound modules. Plugsound Box regroups the six individual plug-ins, allowing musicians to access the entire sound library at once, a whooping 3.56 GB of sounds in total. Plugsound Box is a simple to use and CPU-efficient plug-in collection, with a sound quality.




Ultimate Sound Bank Plugins Collection (WiN/MAC)

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